Ride Day 34: Following the Ottawa River we left the forest landscape behind and found ourselves riding through farmland once again. It dawned on me that Canada is as varied as it is vast; I have biked through roughly 1000 miles of mountains in British Columbia, 1000 miles of farmland in the Prairies and now 1000 miles of forest here in Ontario. Today we pounded out 116 miles from 'Mackey' to the edge of the capital city 'Ottawa'. My legs are now pretty weary and my bum is rather numb - I have cycled for 10 consecutive days now from Thunder Bay, averaging over 93 miles per day. I need a bit of a rest! Before our arrival in 'Ottawa' we had a few obstacles to negotiate: support car 'Wilbert' refused to come out of a rather steep and gravelly road-side slope after a drink-stop, a heavy shower cooled us off nicely and the police pulled us over, made us walk to the next highway exit (!) to find a quieter route to follow into the city...  My ride buddies Sharon and Debbie have been fantastic - we have worked as a team against the headwinds and time always ticks by much faster with company whilst on the road. I honestly don't know what I would have done without their support and huge efforts out here. The girls are constantly pitching tents, preparing food, topping up water bottles, working out the route and so on to keep the expedition running smoothly. Doing this whist also biking hundreds of miles with me is exceptionally hard work and they do it so dynamically and with such good humour, it's amazing! We have become very close after spending 24 hours a day together for nearly a month... There's less than 1000-miles left to ride now to Halifax in Nova Scotia. The coast to coast ride doesn't end though until I dip my toes into the Atlantic Ocean!


gerry dwyer
08/23/2009 10:22

hi john, just read your blog, it brought tears to my eyes ! you are all doing so well, we are very proud of you ! cant believe the distances you have covered, great pics. have a good rest for a few days , you deserve it ! lots of love mum xx

Erna Wensvoort/Chaplin . Sask.
08/23/2009 21:19

Greetings from Chaplin Sask . You have come a long way since you left our home . We are also proud of you as it is a long hard road , but we are glad you have company to encourage you on each day .We pray that God will give you strenght, health and good weather untill you put your feet in the Atlantic Ocean. God bless you all . Blessings . Erna .

andrew sedgewick
08/23/2009 22:43

Sounds like you are making really good progress accross the country. You have done well since leaving Vancouver with trailer in-tow. Good luck with the final haul to the Atlantic.

Andy mec, Vancouver.

Glenn and Karen
08/24/2009 01:04

Hi John,
Finally get chance to catch up on your exploits. You are one amazing guy! Been reading the blog - quite an adventure. You should be able to publish your diary - it is a fabulous read and surely an inspiration to those that may try to emulate you!
Whilst we have been relaxing on honeymoon (it was fab) you have been pedalling your way across Canada - wow!!!
The Mayoh's are all proud of you and your desire to raise funds in Rob's memory - I hope you are successful - I am sure you will be.
Good luck for the rest of your journey. Be safe - take care. Love G & K et al.


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