Ride Day 6: Huge day today, some of the most amazing riding I've ever done... Managed 8-hours on the bike, nearly 100-miles in all. Negotiated 'Roger's Pass', the highest point on the Tran-Canada Highway (1330m) and loved the scenery all day. Towering 3000m+ snow-capped peaks all around, classic Rocky Mountain cycling. Also met another Canadian cyclist and enjoyed having some company on the road. Currently camping in 'Golden' and heading to 'Banff' tomorrow.

Isabell L42P
7/17/2009 08:22:51 pm

hello mr dwyer it must be very tiring to have done all that work especially if its steep. again it must be beautiful to be riding in that area, it makes me want to go there..... i hope you're not pushing yourself too much!


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