Ride Day 11: A tough day... On the road from 8am to 8pm, actually pedalling for 10 of those hours... Managed 100 miles from 'Medicine Hat' to the little Prairie town of 'Gull Lake'. Hard work against a strong wind, feels like the brakes are on and you have to pedal even when the bike's going downhill. I'm going to have days like this, it comes with the territory, Canada is the second biggest country in the world... Nice and warm today though, 30+ degrees. I found a little motel  right next to the rail road, the trains here take 5 mins to go past and are about a kilometer long! Am excited to see my Dad tomorrow evening and i'll appeciate his support hugely.

Mark and Elle
7/29/2009 11:35:06 am

From Medicine Hat AB. Glad you enjoyed the Thai curry, did Gull lake work out OK for you. Had a gentleman in the restaurant the next day who had cycled from the top of Africa to the bottom. Good Luck keep wheeling. Mark and Elle


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