Ride Day 33: Under clearer skies, I left 'North Bay' after sending a few emails and continued east. The road remains hilly and the landscape is still covered in thick forest. The highway is mostly single-lane and at times the lorries get scarily close. After frequent food-stops and a great pic-nic lunch we pulled into a campsite in 'Mackey'. The owner was interested in our charity ride and was inspired by Rob's achievements and approach to life and kindly let us pitch up without charge. It was typical of the warmth and generosity that almost all Canadians have shown us, really humbling! We also received some donations for 'The Rob Gauntlett Trust' from the families camping around us. (Most have huge RV's and are rather bemused by our 2-man tents!) Pitching tents as darkness descended upon us, we enjoyed Debbie's delicious Spaghetti Bolognaise and slept soundly .

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