Ride Day 12: Easier day today, thankfully! The wind at my back for a time. Covered the distance in 7 hours instead of yesterday's 10 hours... Had huge pancake breakfast in 'Gull Lake' gas station restaurant which the owner, upon hearing about the ride / Rob Gauntlett Trust, generously gave me 'on-the-house'. Suitably fuelled with copious amounts of maple syrup I made good ground to the town of 'Swift Current'. I then continued past farmland and oil pumps under a cloudless sky to the tiny village of 'Chaplin'. Here I got chatting to a local couple, Willem and Erna Wensvoort who kindly invited me to stay for the night. Have enjoyed wonderful hospitality (food, a shower and a tour of the area) and once again I'm humbled by just how kind and giving many people can be.

7/25/2009 09:32:47 pm

Hi J!

Keep going mate, your doing great. It's so lovely to hear how supportive people are being to you out there.

Enjoying all the scenery from your photos. x

Isabell L42P
7/25/2009 11:05:10 pm

hi mr dwyer its good to see are making amazing progress keep it up!!!!


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