Rest Day 9: With the expedition officially ‘on-hold’ we tried to think ‘outside the box’ to come up with some ideas to insure our car here in the province of Ontario. We tried to formally change the ownership of the car to some relatives who live out here in Mississauga (thanks Auntie Sheila!) but this proved impossible. We considered selling trusty ‘Wilbert’ and renting another van but this was astronomically expensive. In the end our only viable option was to drive back to the province of Manitoba, some 400 miles WEST to try to negotiate some temporary car insurance there. In searing heat we set off, retracing the past four day’s riding. Wilbert decided it was a little hot (35 degrees) for driving all day and needed a little rest in the shade. The AA man didn’t help matters when he accidently pulled Wilbert’s bumper off and then had to spend 2 hours fixing it back on. We made it to the insurance office minutes before it closed and then headed straight back to Ontario. In the early hours of the morning the police pulled us over, asking to see our insurance documents… With much relief we produced our now-legal documents and pressed on to Thunder Bay, finally getting to bed at 3am. Although arduous, the 20-hour round trip resulted in a successful conclusion to the car insurance saga and the Coast to Coast road trip is now mercifully back on track!

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