Ride Day 38: Packing up camp for the last time with Sharon and Debbie we set off in cold and damp conditions towards Quebec City. The wind strengthened throughout the day but despite threatening skies the rain mostly held off. Fighting against perhaps the strongest wind of the trip so far, we made it 72 miles to Pont Neuf, just short of Quebec City. It was a 6-hour ride I won’t forget, standing up and pumping the legs for long periods to keep some momentum going. I felt a touch wobbly on my feet by the end of the day’s ride! We found a hostel in the city and headed out for a night-on-the-tiles. Exchanging gifts and looking back at all the trials and tribulations of our month together, we soon found ourselves rolling in at 3am in a slightly tipsy state! Debbie and Sharon have given their all since joining me out here in Canada (in Winnipeg) and they have not only helped immeasurably to make the expedition possible, they have made it great fun as well. It was great to end a fantastic month on a high note and polish off a few glasses of wine!
gerry dwyer
9/1/2009 03:22:18 am

well done you three, glad you finished your time together on a high, really looking forward to meeting you and hearing your tales, good luck with the new terms. last phase now john, keep going and enjoy, lots of love mum x

9/30/2012 06:08:57 am

Thanks for info


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