Ride day 22 – The ride through remote northern Ontario continues… I put in 60 miles on the Highway before the heavens opened. In this neck of the woods there is literally no civilisation between settlements – just endless forest and spectacular lakes. The last 30 miles today involved dodging spray from thundering lorries and enduring persistent rain... We hope there is no heat-wave in the UK at the moment! Due to the stormy weather we decided against camping tonight and we’re enjoying some home-comforts in a motel. We hope to reach Thunder Bay tomorrow.
isabell L42P
8/8/2009 10:02:12 pm

hello mr dwyer hope u are having a great time and just to say you are doing very well

Roger Dwyer
8/11/2009 03:37:19 am

John, Debbie and Sharon, what a FAB team, I arrived home from Thunder Bay via Ottowa at 9-30am: 21 hour journey, all flights on time. Sunny and hot here!! No Mozzies!! Keep smiling and joking and watch for wolves, bears, lorries, RVS, Harleys. You can stand near John now he has done all his washing! Take care....lots of love...DAD xxx


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