Ride Day 37: After loading up ‘Wilbert’ with all our gear, we did a short news clip for CTV local news who have been following our progress from time-to-time across Canada. We are pleased to get some exposure and raise the profile of The Rob Gauntlett Trust. Rejoining the road north of Montreal, we headed west along the Saint Laurence River which joins the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. We enjoyed the flat conditions and a quiet road. Although still sunny and bright, there is a more autumnal feel to the weather as summer begins to draw to an end. After 70 miles we pitched our tents one last time – sadly Sharon and Debbie leave me in two days, for teaching posts in Southampton and Shanghai respectively. We have come so far over the last month, both in terms of distance across Canada and in terms of becoming a really close-knit team. The bond between travel companions who rely constantly upon one and other grows strong and this is one of the aspects of the coast to coast journey that I value the most. I know I’ll miss Moley and Shazza but I’ll keep exceptionally happy memories of our time together, we have shared lots of laughs over the last month.

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