Ride day 36: Crossing the Ottawa River into the province of Quebec, we pedalled the remaining 60 miles to ‘Montreal’. It’s hard to believe that we have finally left Ontario, a huge province which is nearly four times the size of the UK! Quebec already has a very different feel, not least because the first language of the people here is French. Upon arrival here we found a hostel and hurriedly set out into the city to sample some French cuisine! We plan to rest a little and celebrate biking over 3,000 miles from the start point in Vancouver some seven weeks ago. In terms of distance, we are now approximately equidistant from Vancouver and London in the UK…
isabell L42P
8/26/2009 06:01:11

hello mr dwyer looks like you are doing impressivly well, keep the good progress going!

Ruo Hashimoto
8/27/2009 13:26:28

Wow Montreal sounds good!
Congratulation for your 3000 miles!
Good luck with your trip.

8/31/2009 06:35:19

Hi John
Congratulations on doing 3000 miles.


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