'Rest Day' 8: We got up early nursing slight hangovers and took Dad to the airport for his return flight to the UK. The mood was pretty subdued and we were all really sad to say farewell to Roger. He has made such a huge impact on the trip, made us laugh so much and contributed enormously. It seems like just yesterday that I was excitedly waiting for my Dad to arrive (and put the bike trailer in the car!), yet that was several weeks ago and more than 800-miles in distance away! Dad - thanks for your amazing support and everything you have put into the trip - from helping me to buy the support car to making camp night after night - you have been an absolute star.
We then spent the day trying to navigate the stringent Ontario car insurance rules, ultimately without success. Without an Ontario Driving Licence (not so easy for a British citizen to get!) it is not possible here to insure or tax a car. Crazy rules! We tried numerous car insurance companies and contacted the relevant Ontario car tax head-office. We decided that the trip would have to be put ‘on-hold’ until the red-tape issues concerning the legality of our vehicle were resolved. With the prospect of a $5,000 fine if caught driving with no insurance or tax and unthinkably large medical / repair / legal fees if we were involved in an accident, it was vital to find a way to sort the problem! Wrapped up with what seemed like ridiculous bureaucracy, we felt thoroughly trapped and on a rather low ebb. Perhaps a good night’s sleep would give us fresh impetus?
8/11/2009 20:30:21

Well done Roger! :-)Safe journey back to England x

8/12/2009 07:57:22

Hi john, your Radio Solent interview was great. Best wishes Steven and family.

8/14/2009 02:30:26

Hi J!

Really enjoying reading your adventures and the pictures. Looks amazing. Don't worry your not missing much sunshine in the UK!

Your doing Great.



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