Ride Days 7 and 8: Amazing couple of days. Made it from 'Golden' through 'Lake Louise' to 'Banff' through classic Rocky Mountain scenery. Highway winding through towering mountains, steep forests and turquoise lakes under a deep blue sky. Did two 11-hour biking days and tackled 'Kicking Horse Pass' (1627 m) and numerous other lengthy uphill sections. I enjoyed excellent company from Chris Elmsley and great support from his Dad, Dave Elmsley and we camped out and shared a beer in Banff. Yesterday I covered another 90-miles, mostly descending from the mountains and eventually made it to the city. Over 600 mountainous miles covered so far, 3000 miles to go! Have at least left my first Canadian province (British Columbia) and entered the province of Alberta. Also, I crossed my first time-zone and i'm only 7 hours behind the UK now...

Jayne Thorne
7/20/2009 03:35:14 pm

Well done JD. It all sounds so wonderful. Hope Alberta goes well. Really enjoying reading the blog with the boys and looking at the photos, you paint a great picture xx

Isabell L42P
7/20/2009 08:06:25 pm

hi mr dywer
sounds like u are having fun in canada and its good to see you r succeeding well out there. The photos are very beautiful!

7/11/2012 04:00:23 pm

THX for info

9/24/2012 02:39:28 am

Thank you for information


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