Ride Day 13: I have now cycled 1,050 miles from Vancouver to Regina, crossing the Rocky mountains and entering the vast Prairies. This has taken 13 days and I had 2 rest days. Not bad considering I have been pulling a hefty bike-trailer with tent and kit in. I have been blessed with several wind-assisted days and some excellent company along the way. Yesterday my Dad, Roger, arrived from the UK and his support has already been invaluable. I gleefully shoved the bike trailer into the hire-car and felt on-top-of -the-world riding without it. Felt like having the rear brake taken off! I managed 90 miles yesterday in temperatures which reached 34 degrees and the Prairie views have been fantastic. The yellow fields of Oil Seed Rape ('Canola') stretch all the way to the horizon and there's often not a cloud in the sky. I often bike alongside the Trans Canada Railway and the trains take 10 minutes to pass me, they must be a kilometer in length. By the time we reached Regina, I must admit my legs were a little on the sore side and friction with the saddle has led to some loss of skin on my bum! Sorry, too much information... Am thoroughly enjoying  a couple of days rest before we hit the road again. 2,600 miles to go!

Jayne T
7/26/2009 03:00:34 am

Told you to wear padded pants! Get some Sudocrem the wonder cream for skinned bums hahaxx

Willem&Erna Wensvoort.
7/26/2009 12:10:39 pm

We are very happy that we have met you John,I am glad that you made it to Regina.I am happy that your Dad is there,for the many supports he will give you.After you left I phoned your mother and told her how fine a son she and your Dad have raised,So John keep on peddleing I know you will make it to halifax.I know GOD loves you and so do Erna and I, And we will keep praying for you John and your Dad that you will arrive safely,at your destination,Love from Willem and Erna.

gerry dwyer
7/26/2009 05:47:55 pm

hi john glad you and dad got together and you are enjoying a rest day sounds like you need it ! good luck with the car buy, your dad will always go for a bargain ! lots of love from us three girls xx

Isabell L42P
7/26/2009 10:49:29 pm

hi mr dwyer looks like you have company along with you, you have done a long distance which is fantastic and hope you're not too tired out.

Isabell L42P
7/26/2009 10:50:35 pm

hi mr dywer looks like you have company, you are doing tremendously well and hope you 're not too tired out

isabell L42P
7/26/2009 10:51:37 pm

OOPS ,sorry for the two comments i thought i only sent it once

phill and carol
7/27/2009 12:01:49 am

Hi John, am watching progress from above its great to view the highway from " Google" the quality of the pictures are amazing. It must be a tremendous feelinf to have Roger with you if any one can do a deal and get you across Canada he can !!!! Keep pedaling and we will keep watching. All the best to you and your support rider.... Phill n Carol Sorry I meant support driver !!!!!!


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