Ride Day 32: We awoke in 'Sudbury' to grey and chilly weather. Setting off in steady rain, I covered 77 miles to the town of 'North Bay' against a strong headwind. It felt like doing an eight-hour long spinning class! The rain eased fortunately and my soggy shoes and damp clothes began to dry out by the afternoon. I really appreciated some company on the road from mid-morning, not least beacuse we could take it in turns to take the brunt of the wind and offer the person cycling behind some shelter! There were 'tornado warnings' here in 'North Bay' yesterday and sure enough we saw a number of tornado funnels across Lake Nipissing. We understand there has been considerable tornado damage further east in Ontario.
Frank R
8/22/2009 23:05:14

Hello John,

hope you have no more insurance problems! Glad to see that you were wise enough to stay legal! We are just back from the Baltic and looking at your photos I think that we ate more pounds of food than you now weigh.
Stay fit. Regards Frank and Sue

5/31/2012 14:21:11

Many thanks for info

7/13/2012 06:26:13

THX for info


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