Ride Days 3 -5: On day 3 i rode 90 miles from a town called 'Merritt' to a little place called 'Chase'. I took the 'Old Highway' and enjoyed a wind-assisted morning along a road which hugged the shores of lakes and passed verdant farmland and forest. I carried extra water and food to avoid the previous day's shortage! Passing through Kamloops i called in at 'Full Boar Bike Store' and picked up some spares and some good advise from the owner Trever. I camped by a river and slept from 9pm (when it got dark) for 10 hours... It's freezing at night despite reaching 31 degrees in the day...

Day 4 consisted of 60-miles along the Trans Canada Highway via the endearingly-named 'Salmon Arm' to the pretty, lake-side town of 'Sicamous'. With tired legs i stopped mid-afternoon and camped next to the river in Alpiner Motel. Thanks to Ken Garrow for allowing me to pitch-up!

On day 5 i slept in and had a leisurely morning, enjoying a breakfast of bagels and donuts (my calorific intake has happily gone off the scale this week...). I then biked 45 miles into increasingly mountainous terrain to a picturesque town called 'Revelstoke'. I have found a good hostel and I might rest my weary legs here tomorrow... It's a jump to go from biking around Bournemouth Bay and the New Forest to biking for 7 or 8 hours a day - i'll need time to get conditioned to the routine!

Isabell L42P
7/16/2009 01:07:56 am

hello mr dwyer it seems your route and scene is very beautiful. Canada must be a very foresty place, the pictures are just amazing especially the landscapes.


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