Ride Day 39: Today I was slightly ‘in limbo’ here in Quebec City: Moley and Shazza flew home yesterday and two more friends arrive shortly from the UK to support the final leg of the journey; 1000 km through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to Halifax. I decided to ride from the edge of Quebec City into the centre as we had to stop short on the day we arrived here due to a tremendous headwind. I took the bike on a bus to ‘Pont Neuf’ and wound along the St Lawrence River for a couple of hours into the Vieux Ville. It was a pleasure biking here, with no wind and great views across the river, the slog against the wind of the previous ride day seemed like a distant memory. In the early evening I excitedly returned to Quebec City airport to pick up ‘Becs’, an osteopath from the UK who has kindly come out here for two weeks to help drive the support vehicle ‘Wilbert’ and do some biking with me through the Maritime provinces. Once again I feel humbled by the amazing support I have had with the whole journey. I owe a great deal to the special people who have given up their time to help to make this 3,600 mile ride possible and it’s fantastic to spend time with people on-the-road through this part of the world. I miss Moley and Shazza after a month spending time together 24 hours-a-day 7 days-a-week. Despite a little jet-lag after a 9-hour flight, Becs and I strolled around the centre of Quebec City and caught up with news over a bite to eat.

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