Ride Day 41: Gradually nearing the Atlantic the weather has become noticeably cooler. Mornings and evenings are now chilly and I am wrapping up more on the bike. We are sleeping in more layers whilst camping too and we wake up with cold, red noses…Today I rode with both Becs and Charlie, the spare bike is somewhat miraculously still going strong after hundreds of miles on-the-road. It has been superb to ride alongside friends across the country, helping one and other over every steep incline and enjoying the downhills as we go. Today we made it 76-miles to ‘Trois Pistoles’ where we were struck by a little misfortune. Support car ‘Wilbert’ decided that he would like to continue running despite us removing the key from the ignition - a rather alarmed Becs (who was driving at the time) was soon on the mobile phone trying to explain this unusual predicament. Eventually we limped into a nearby garage, disconnected the battery and the faulty ignition component was identified. The diagnosis of the problem was inexpensive but a full repair for Wilbert may be more costly. We cut the day’s riding short and made camp in ‘Trois Pistoles’, cooking a barbeque in a lovely woodland spot.

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