6/23/2009 11:36:16 pm

Good luck on your trip across Canada! I hope you maange to carry all your stuff without collapsing along the way.

Best of luck, your favourite class EVER.

L6 :)


L5P geog class
6/24/2009 12:08:44 am

hey Mr.Dwizz, thought we'd leave you a little note ;). good luck on your trek, we're all routing for you... do the best you can, you can do it! :)
love from your more favourite class ever!

L5 - (better than L6)! xxxx

6/24/2009 02:17:47 am

Good luck JD!
It will be amazing, and it's great you're doing it =]
Only thing... how could you abandon us at TH? It's just uncalled for... are we really that bad?
Seriously though, i'm very jealous and hope all goes well. Good Luck!

6/24/2009 04:29:11 pm

go Mr. Dwyer!
hope you are catching up with the local language, ay!
all the best and don't go too fast, stop for the extra picture for the fans!

from the 3 best people in your best class :)
6/24/2009 08:49:25 pm

Hey Mr.Dwiz :) We hope your ride goes well and you`ve prepared all the necessary facts and figures to get the top marks for the journey! Good Luck
Love Chrissie, Olivia and Sophie :) x

from the 3 best people in your best class
6/24/2009 08:52:18 pm

...the ONLY people in my class today...

6/24/2009 09:48:51 pm

Good Luck Mr.Dwyer!!!! I hope your ride goes well and have fun :D
Love Lucinda x :)

hey mr D
6/25/2009 09:42:31 pm

hey mr D !

hope your legs can take you that far ,and your weight doesn't hold u back ! HOW CAN YOU LEEVE US ???

have a good time

from U33P !

6/30/2009 06:05:36 am

Haveth fun on your frivolous ride over the dusty plains of Canadia. Maketh sure that you are not digested by the every beasty beats that inhabiteth your path.

Molly and Megan
7/1/2009 01:16:00 am

hey Mr D and John

Wishing you good luck on your big bike ride!!! Hope you havent bitten off more than you can chew!! :) Hope you enjoy it!!

Molly and Megan x

Fiona, U4P
7/3/2009 05:09:44 am

hey mr. d
just thought i'd wish you good luck on ur trip
oh and i will buy a wrist band on monday i promise =P
oh and a bit of advice = dont loose ur bike

Emzi Pugh U4P
7/3/2009 06:44:08 am

Gd luck Mr.D!!!! :)
LOL hope u make it da whole way across and dnt die frm exhaustion/angry bear!
I will look on da website :) at some point....
GD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

7/3/2009 10:15:07 pm

Heyyaa Mr D!!

Good Luck on your canada coast 2 coast... gonna miss the funny lessona that we all had!!! Hope you have a fun time doing the canada coast 2 coast...

L42P-Best class ever!!!!!

Simon Wheeler
7/6/2009 05:49:03 am

Hi John,

My niece, Isabelle Adlam, told me about your epic ride across Canada. I am amazed and very jealous.
Take care of yourself and remember to drink plenty and apply the Vaseline!
Wishing you all the best.


Steven A
7/8/2009 04:53:13 am

You fly tomorrow (have you got everything?) Have a great time.


7/8/2009 05:18:53 am

Just wanted to say all the best for your trip. Have a fantastic time - I am soooo jealous!!! Keep in touch.

Jo x

P.S Love the website ;o)

Frank & Sue
7/8/2009 08:01:07 pm

All the very best for you epic trip.
Good Luck and hope that you finish on time and in the right place!
Watch out for the saddle sores!

Emma in Oz
7/8/2009 08:57:50 pm

best of luck john!. will be thinking of you & hope you find a safe place to camp on your first night in the tent!.. looking forward to hearing the adventures. have fun. em x

Kate from Vancouver, BC
7/9/2009 03:16:51 pm

Hey, really cool pics... you seem to have quite the ambition and determination. Good luck, stay safe and have fun!
from the girl with the new bike :)

7/10/2009 12:28:54 am

Watch out for the bears....! X

Kari Hewett (MEC/Vancouver)
7/10/2009 05:08:38 am

Way to go---onwards to the East Coast !

Chantal and Jazz
7/10/2009 05:44:44 pm

so we met the NICEST guy who came all the was from England to do this bike trip.

we met him at the Vancouver airport and travelled our way through the city with him.

no clue what his name was but we wish him good luck!!

emma hockey U43p
7/10/2009 09:59:37 pm

hey mr d how r u feelin? - bit puffed out by now i suppose! i hope u come back in one piece! - watch out for mooses (not the chocie kind). Just go for it and wen u feel most tired remind urself that ur doing this for Rob
lol emmz

7/12/2009 12:02:01 am

Hope you are doing good in the cycling.
Massive good luck, we all wear your wristbands.
From the best class in the whole of Talbot Heath
simply because of the awesome canada dance (thank you sophie and yolly.)

gerry dwyer
7/12/2009 03:24:07 am

hi john glad to hear you have a 100 miles under your belt ! heres to the next ..... how many ? ! take great care, lots of love mum xx

7/12/2009 07:32:17 am

Hey John,

Glad to hear you've made a good start. Don't forget to pace yourself and keep applying the vaseline :0)

Look forward to hearing your installments.


7/12/2009 06:53:05 pm

Striking off the miles already! Good work blondie. Loads of love xxx

Steph + Ben
7/13/2009 05:26:52 am

Good luck John! Keep up the good work.

phil n carol
7/13/2009 06:50:45 pm

John, all the best for this epic adventure, I wish I could get my bike to go as far as your going !!! when you get back perhaps a few hints and tips.....
Had a great evening with last night with your mum and dad and they gave us all of the " bike news " Be safe will watch the progress on the site, Good Luck Phil n Carol

Maxiine x
7/13/2009 11:22:00 pm

Keep going, you can do it!
Good Luck x

7/14/2009 04:46:04 am

Well done so far John, this has got to be the hardest bit. Just imagine you are racing Lance and rock up them hills!


7/15/2009 01:23:51 am

Amazing start, Mr Dwyer!

I'm so impressed...keep up the blogging and photography!

Luck o' the Irish to ya xx

7/15/2009 06:00:18 am

Amazing...! X

Nivi and Georgia
7/15/2009 08:50:03 pm

Hello Mr D.

Good luck wi the rest of your bike ride and we really hope that you don't die along the way!!! Gonna miss you at TH!!

Have a good time!!

Nivz and Gigi x

7/15/2009 09:51:09 pm

Great to hear about your progress so far and see pics taken along Route 1. Wrap up warm at night and watch out for black bears. I will join you at Regina.Remember, what goes up must come down so check your brakes coming down from the Rockies! We are all thinking about you and wish you all the luck in the world......INSPIRING. Lots of love...your DAD xxxxx

7/16/2009 02:03:37 am

John, my daughter and her friend assisted you getting on and off the buses in Vancouver last week. We live in Calgary and would love to give you a place to stay if you need it. When do you expect that you be arriving in Calgary?

7/16/2009 04:19:31 am

Hey John

thanks for your message. Hope it's all going well. Look foward to hearing more news


7/16/2009 06:03:54 am

Looks wicked John & love the fact your ex-pupils are following their Mr Kenn online on his mega mental mission. All the best......Walker*

Jean and Milt
7/16/2009 02:02:49 pm

Hi John. We made it home to Campbell
River okay. Got in Wed. (15th) about 4:30.

Looks like your trip is going well. Hope it continues that way. We'll watch for yur next news. Good luck.

Jean and Milt

7/20/2009 07:46:23 am

well done , youve made a good start , keep it up, we look forward to reading the blog . jo,dave and familly , x

7/21/2009 07:04:56 am

What are up to now you crazy boy!! The photos are fab will watch you all the way you only get sponsered at the end tho. Keep away from the big black (or are they brown) hairy things. Much love and encouragement. Lez XXX

7/21/2009 07:12:03 am

What are you up to now you crazy boy! The photos are fab will watch you all the way. You only get sponsor money at the end tho. Stay away from big black (or are they brown) hairy things. Love and encouragement Lez xx

7/21/2009 07:17:07 am

Sorry that went on twice but the website wasn't working the first time just means double the encouragement!L x

Jean and Milt
7/22/2009 01:20:24 am

Good Morning John. You seem to be making good time. You've got some easy riding ahead of you now. Enjoy.
When do you get to visit with your dad?
Things are HOT in Campbell River. We went snorkeling the other day in the river and today plan to go to the lake.

Good luck with your trek.

Chuck Sutherland
7/23/2009 01:00:22 pm

Hello John: Hope you are sleeping in Gull Lake tonight.

Helen Sheppeard
7/24/2009 05:19:50 am

Hi John! Just back from sunny Spain and had to catch up with your progress! What a fantastic effort - hope everything continues to go well- your pics r great...take care(r there any midges?)

Chris Elmsley
7/24/2009 07:26:39 am

Looks like your are cotinuing to make good progress, John. Dad and I drove to east of Winnegeg before re-starting the ride, so I don't think we will meet up on the bikes. I will watch for you in the Smiths Falls area.

7/26/2009 07:21:38 am

Your photos are beautiful, John! You have quite a talent there.

Lauren and Tianna
7/26/2009 07:32:09 am

Good luck with your journey!...Be sure to stop in at a Tim Hortons (soon). And we hope we helped you with your search for camping supplies. Saskatchewan will be an easy bike ride, its pretty flat!... Cheers

T and L, your favorite insurance brokers!

PS- good luck with the van!

Me Papa Baa and Road Runner Motel
7/27/2009 06:23:04 am

Hope you enjoyed your stay and your website is great.

Me, Papa, Baa, & Road Runner Motel
7/27/2009 06:27:05 am

Hope you enjoyed your stay at Road Runner Motel. Your website is great!!!!!!

Danielle Reid
7/28/2009 05:27:25 am

Hi John, have been tracking your progress and you are doing soooo well! The photo's are amazing and will be a wonderful reminder of this truly inspiring adventure. Lots of Love Dan x

Karen Martin
7/28/2009 08:02:20 am

I found half of your UK to Canada plug adapter still stuck in my plug socket yesterday!!! Hope you had a spare! Glad to see you've managed to get a support car sorted, and are managing to get some beer down you! Good luck for the next bit of the trip, Manitoba can't be that far now....Kxx

gerry dwyer
7/28/2009 08:28:15 pm

hi john and roger, fantastic to read your blogs, what wonderful people you are meeting, good luck with the camping, your dad might be a bit rusty! or maybe this is what our future holidays may be !! look after eachother, lots of love xx

phil n carol
7/28/2009 08:58:48 pm

Glad to see that the support team member has got his priorities right with a Canadian beer in his hand !! Keep pedaling and we will all keep watching. Great photo's all the very best Phill n Carol

James Hooper
7/29/2009 07:38:34 pm

Johnno, Really enjoyed looking at all your updates on the site, looks like it's amazing! Keep pushing hard, and I hope the shoes aren't killing you yet!

Collene Verbeem
7/30/2009 02:11:35 am

Hi John and Roger, WOW...what wonderful people you are and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you and to listen to all your amazing stories and adventures. Our paths with probably ever cross again, but I will never forget you and your amazing journey. I Hope you will always remember your town of Stoughton as the "Crossroads of Friendship". I am honored to have met you both. Good luck John!

7/30/2009 05:58:52 am

Hey John and Roger! It was fantastic meeting you guys last night! I can't believe the strength and drive you have to do this for your friend. I hope you have a great time on the rest of your trip. (Oh and Roger, good luck selling that van in Halifax) Hope to keep in touch! Congratulations!
From Kristy
(Oh and John, I still didn't get to take your bike for a ride either!) Best of luck boys!

jayne t
7/30/2009 04:41:28 pm

Ohhhh tequila it makes you happy!!!! keep up the good work. Lol jayne and the boys

Stephanie Seabrook
7/31/2009 07:57:12 am

Very nice meeting you at that 'quaint' bed and breakfast. This is a great website and we'll likely purchase one of your excellent photographs. Good luck on the rest of your trip and glad to hear you found a vehicle!
Michael & Stephanie (Michelle-haha) Seabrook

phil n carol
8/3/2009 11:48:16 pm

John, who is the dodgy looking chap sitting at the camp site table, did you remember what your mum said about talking to men with funny hats on !!! Roger do'nt forget to wash under the wheel arches, I do hope you can get all of that mud off before you try to do a deal with the Canadian motor trade, have you disconnected the speedometer? The pictures are GREAT keep posting and we will keep watching. Will write again soon Phil n Carol xx

Lucinda S-A
8/4/2009 12:15:39 am

I have been following your progress across Canada and you are doing so well. It sounds like you are having a great time even though the riding in the rain is obviously less enjoyable! Your blogs are really interesting and your pictures are fantastic!
Keep pedalling, I am behind you all the way :)
Lucinda x

Gaby Hashtroudi
8/4/2009 08:59:21 am

Well done John and good luck & best wishes for the rest of the long journey. I'll keep on watching your progress. Great photos you've taken!

ken landry
8/5/2009 12:17:58 am

Great to meet you on one of your rest days updating your website at the Safeway. Brought back memories of 33 years ago when I cycled across Canada with cyclecanada76. O to be young again! Hope you have a great time cycling through the shield. Along the Great Lakes it is amazing! Keep up the good work and we'll follow your progress.
Ken and Pat

Lesley White
8/6/2009 02:05:06 am

Hi John and Rog, it all looks amazing will you ever want to come back? Keep on pedaling boys you're doing great. Don't let Rog have too many of those beers! Love Lez XX

8/6/2009 06:37:40 pm

Great pics and amazing progress! Glad all's going well and 'team Dwyer' is out in force! Happy pedalling, Love Jen x

Julia, Detlef & George
8/7/2009 06:07:43 pm

Hi Shaz....keep those calves busy...looks like you are having fun... we are enjoying the pictures... take care

8/7/2009 07:46:52 pm

Johnboy, good work son. Looks like you've got an exciting part of the ride ahead of you. Enjoy the lakes! I finished the triathlon - not in record time mind, but did it. Your wetsuit did me proud! Listening to Test Match Special right now - England likely to go down in 4th test to set up decider in final game at the Oval. Where's the Everton pennant? Don't say you left it in Blighty? Bet your Dad appreciated you posting shot of him in the long grass! Not to mention your Mum! Go well and thanks for sharing your trip with us - great pictures! Perc

Gemma Paddington
8/8/2009 04:06:00 pm

Hey Shazza, do u miss me already lol, looks like your all doing a fab job the sites looks amazing, looks like you had fun at that waterpark. Joshua has been fab, saw neami yesterday, went for a 10km run with her which was nice, Weather was great yesterday. OMG saw nats baby shaz so cute has made me more broody now. Well keep up the good work, cant wait to see u when u back i have to get you round for dinner. Sending lots of love. Gemma, Shane and Joshua xxx

phil n carol
8/9/2009 11:59:47 pm

Hi roger, john and the team,the photos are great keep them coming. Not long now Roger English beer awaits and the footy has started on the telly !!! Hope all continues to go well and we will continue to view your proigress on this next leg. Have a good flight home RD and will catch up soon All the best to you all keep pedaling Phill n Carol

8/10/2009 05:48:55 pm

Hi Shar, was good to hear from you hope the weather is getting better. I am enjoying looking at your pictures, take care and enjoy. Thank you for the my birthday card.
Love mum x

Rhian Gilson
8/10/2009 09:28:25 pm

Pob Lwc Debbie! From Rhian in Swansea! x

Jacinta Collins
8/13/2009 12:32:44 am

What an amazing achievement so far. Good luck for the rest of the journey. Keep smiling.

George Liebscher (porge head)
8/15/2009 06:21:48 pm

Hi Shaz hope your having an amazing time .We are all missing you!!!xxxxx

Helen Sheppeard
8/17/2009 05:25:32 am

Hi John!
You're doing brilliantly and your blog is soooo geographical! Great photos too - when does the book come out? Good luck for the next leg. PS A level results are out on Thursday- eek!

Sarah Lawrence
8/18/2009 08:49:05 pm

Hi debbie & friends
Hope it's going well and that you've now stopped getting stuck in various places. Good luck with the rest of your journey, definitely rather you than me!
Sarah x

gerry dwyer
8/19/2009 08:00:44 pm

hi john, debbie and sharon, enjoyed your latest pics and blog, how far away were those bears ? all the folks here in worthing send their best, lots of love mum xx

8/20/2009 09:34:46 am

Hi john, What an adventure you are having. see you back in the UK soon.

Karen Martin
8/20/2009 11:34:39 am

Hi John, I've just caught up with your travels and can't believe how far you've gone!! I think last time I checked you were still in Regina. Loving the bear pics!! K xx

phill n Carol
8/20/2009 06:49:25 pm

Hi John and your team mates from a warm and sunny south coast at Shoreham. Its great to see just how far you have all got so far, the views from google are amazing and you can in most cases see the road surfaces !!! I keep looking for you all but I think your going to fast... The photos are super can't wait for the next state. Good luck to you all and keep safe. Best wish's Phil n Carol

laure jinks
8/20/2009 08:24:50 pm

Mr.D, hope everythings going well. The pictures are awesome. How do we make a donation? give it to you when you return?... And finally whats all this from your favourite class L6?? They can never beat JD! xx

John Dwyer
8/21/2009 12:44:14 am

Thanks so much for the msg, Lauren, and to everyone who has left a line or two here. It really spurs us on to know people are following our adventures from time to time and that a few donations are coming in! If u r able to make a contribution, click on 'Donate' and follow the instructions - either use PayPal or send a cheque to 'The Rob Gauntlett Trust' to my home address. It will help young people to reach their goals / 'climb their Everest' as Robbo used to say and it will help to keep Rob's spirit alive... Thanks! John

Chris Elmsley
8/22/2009 09:43:26 pm

I am enjoying following your progress on this adventure.

Sophie Foxhall (aged nearly one)
8/24/2009 04:57:10 am

Well done Uncle John! Rasberry, rasberry, blaa, goo, goo, poo, poo.xx

8/26/2009 04:25:00 am

well done john boy. Looking forward to seeing you soon

8/26/2009 05:57:15 am

Well done guys!Can't wait to hear more about it soon! x

8/29/2009 05:09:31 am

I see your trip is going well. I'm the insurance broker that helped you back in Regina. I was just reading up on your journey and was sad to see you ran into a few roadblocks with the van. I'm glad you got it figured out though. Good luck with the rest of your journey and I hope it goes smoothly for the rest of the time, or else you might just be riding in the snow!

9/1/2009 04:46:26 am

Hey Hey!

Hope your not missing me too much. I had such a fab month with you in the beautiful Canada-thank you so much!!! You will be pleased to know, that today, I have well and truely made up for my shoppingless month. So, my withdrawal symptoms are now cured.
Cycle safe!
Shazza XXX

phill n carol
9/1/2009 06:31:16 pm

Hi John from a wet southcoast at Shoreham, our summer seems to have disapeared hope your having a better weather run than we are. It has been a great privelage to watch your adventure across Canada and with all those long and hard miles behind you can now probably smell the atlantic !!! A magnificent effort for a great cause, see you September( briefly ) Keep the wheels turning Bon Chance! Phill n Carol

Norton's on Miss Tippy
9/5/2009 09:24:02 pm

Hi John. We finally got to Gibraltar. Been a bit out of touch from email while offshore. Sounds like you've had an amazing trip! Well done. Looking forwar to seeing you. We'll probably take a trip away for a coupla of weeks but you can come an get settled in on the boat. Been here a few days and alreay getting itchy feet!

Hope your last miles go well. All the very best.


9/5/2009 09:25:46 pm

hi john looking forwar to seeing ou have a great time

9/5/2009 09:34:03 pm

Hi John looking forward to new school term with you C,F and A ready for some structure after 3 months freedom !! Come back safely and no need for heavy weather southern ocean gear... we are heading to the sun.. Oh Joy !!Good luck in the last few days of your adventure and hi to Roger and Gerry see you all in Gib.
Best wishes

9/5/2009 09:39:05 pm

Hi John,
Really excited to start school! It sounds like your trip is going pretty well to, we are now in Gibraltar. Look forward to seeing you.

9/5/2009 09:45:55 pm

Hi John
hope your having a good cycle see you soon .
new year 5 teacher

9/7/2009 04:10:53 am

WEAK.....!!! XXX

David and Nicky
9/7/2009 06:43:54 am

Well done Jon you are so nearly there. Love the website and what great pictures. Can't wait to hear all about it. Thanks for being such an inspirational friend - Rob was so lucky to have met you.

9/7/2009 11:56:18 pm

Home straight now - see you when you're back. I am now unemployed but will see if I can't spare a bit more seeing as how you've done a bit more cycling since I last donated! Go well. Glad you've got more company for the final leg if only so there's someone who can remember where you parked the car when you get up in the morning! Perc

Beth Munro
9/8/2009 06:26:42 am

Rebecca, photos are great. How are the nerves now? How is the body holding up? Looking forward to hearing all about it. Gary says hi! xx

Georgi Mitchell
9/8/2009 09:13:10 pm

Almost there Mr Dwyer!
We're back at school now and have already noticed you're not here!
Good luck with the last few days.
We are all thinking of you and your aching legs


Phill n Carol
9/9/2009 01:27:23 am

John, a cold sea awaits awaits your aching feet and legs, do'nt complain if its too cold its what you have been aiming for... so far so very very good, we cannot wait to hear the big SPLASH !!! Our best wishes to you and the team A supurb effort by all. Will keep watching and listening Phill n Carol

9/9/2009 10:31:33 am

The journey ends,
But oh, what have you seen,
The ups and the downs and Wilbert’s tantrums.
The people and places, though only once known,
The landscape and laughter forever cherished.
Your dad and your friends, the support never denied,
Always made the long road short.
So as it ends,
Two young men with spirits free,
Always with us by the example they set.
But for now, enjoy the Atlantic,
Cool, wide and deep,
And a well earned rest
At the journey’s end.

Karen Martin
9/10/2009 05:09:24 am

You made it!!! Awesome news! Have to admit I was a little worried with the state of your ankle all those weeks ago back in Calgary! You will have to let us know how much you have managed to raise once you know. Enjoy your last days in sunny Canada! Karen

gerry dwyer
9/12/2009 03:04:12 am

hi john just read your blog many congrats so very proud of you, well done.even the canadian officer here has read your blog she has e mailed all her friends in halifax to look at wilbert. lots of love from mum and dad xxx

9/12/2009 11:10:24 pm

Well done on finishing! Hope u manage to sell Wilbert ...

phil n carol
9/13/2009 06:47:25 pm

Hi John, cogratulations on your magnificent achievement, hope the sea was n't to cold. Its been a great privelage watching you and your friends achieve a great goal Very well done. Our best wish's to you all. Phil n Carol

Ellie Lindsay
9/13/2009 10:45:58 pm

Hey Mr Dwizz,
Ellie here from your L5 class last year.
I've been tracking yout journey and just wanted to congratulate you! You're finished!
I think it's an amazing achievement and I knew you could do it :)
You must be thrilled!

Chantal, Sharon & Curtis
9/16/2009 11:47:32 am

Congratulations John on a job well done!! It seems like such a long time ago that we met in Vancouver and Calgary. You did a great job keeping your website up to date and as a result we looked forward each day to read about your progress and experiences. Rob is very fortunate to have you as a friend and I am sure that he was watching over you during your adventure. Enjoy some well deserved rest and keep in touch.

Emma Hockey L5
9/22/2009 06:05:20 am

OMG!!! big congratul8ions!!! i hope one day i could do something like that. well done on the talk you gave this morning. i feally enjoyed the pics of canada wat an amazing country. i hope you are relaxing and do keep TH posted on latest missions. thanx again emz

Jess, Sophie and Lizzie
9/22/2009 10:13:32 pm

Heyy Mr D,
Loved your talk you did in assembly yesterday. We are missing you so much, we hope you come back to see us sometime soon.
love from Jess, Sophie and Lizzie

scarlett,nivi,and georgia
9/27/2009 07:34:49 pm

scarlett and georgia
9/27/2009 07:36:18 pm

hey!!!! i think you should go round the world in a hot air balloon next!!!!

Anonymus aka jw
9/27/2009 07:37:45 pm

I love you more than jelly tots!!!

10/28/2009 10:08:08 pm

Hi John,

We met outside a petrol station North of Lake Superior. I was the old geezer on a BMW motorcycle trying to circumnavigate North America. Anyway, looks like we both made it! Congratulations on your amazing effort. I've donated a few quid into the fund.

All the best

11/25/2010 02:32:55 pm

To laugh often and love much.

Cristina thinks mr Dwyer is cool
6/28/2011 04:22:59 pm

hi mr Dwyer just wanted to say that you are very cool and to wish you luck with your cycling :)


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