Ride Day 18: With clearing skies we left 'Elm Creek' after a quick breakfast and headed to Winnipeg, home to 750,000 people, the main city in the province of Manitoba. A shorter, 50-mile day on the saddle meant more time to pitch our tents, make some phone-calls home and seek out donuts in 'Tim Hortons' (found all over Canada)! After riding nearly 400-miles over 5 days from Regina, I slept soundly under canvas despite the heavy night-time downpours.


08/03/2009 18:57

wondered how you were doing,that is the easiest 400 m.you will put in,weather dependent.Tim Hortons in moderation only. Chuck

isabell L42P
08/04/2009 04:27

hi mr dwyer looks like you are having the time of your life at canada, keep the good progress going!

gerry dwyer
08/05/2009 06:58

hi you two, good luck with the next stage in the wilderness ! enjoy the camping, mind the bears ! hope you are not driving each other tooooo mad ! its quite peaceful here, lots of love xx

andy sedgewick
08/05/2009 22:00

I see you are making good progress. All the best for the rest of your adventure.
Andy (the guy who sold you the trailer at mec, Vancouver)


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