In January 2009, just after Rob's tragic accident in the French Alps, I was overwhelmed by emails from people expressing their condolences. Robbo truely inspired so many people in his short life. Here, in no particular order, are just some of the emails I received:

Hope your doing okay. It's so incredibly sad. I know i never met Rob but i loved reading the emails you sent about the adventure last year, the boys were such an inspiration.
My thoughts are with you and Rob's friends and family.

Just to say that I was so sorry to hear the sad news of Rob's death at the weekend.
You must be devastated. But he died doing what he loved most of all - being an adventurer.  He achieved so much and inspired so many.
Be happy for the good times you shared. You were one of the priveledged few to enjoy his company and his spirit for a while.
He inspired so many at Twynham.

Rob obviously meant alot to you, and I am so very, very sorry. It hurts the most when you lose someone who is very special to you. But grief is the price you pay for love and the flip side to the sadness your feeling now is the happiness of the great times you spent with him. The memories you have of your times with Rob are something that will be a part of you forever and he will always be with you because of that. His was a life well lived, more than many people in a lifetime four times as long, and that should, and will, be celebrated. I don't have the words that can make this better for you, I would write them if I did, but I hope that in time, you can look back on your time with Rob and that it reminds you not of what you've lost but of what you gained by having him in your life and that it puts a smile on your face
Hope you are ok sorry to hear about the sad news i heard the news from someone i work with his son went to school with Rob, i was shocked when told me.
Like so many people have said he fitted so much into his short life some things that alot of people will never do.

I saw the news on the BBC and thought - Oh dear, That is John's friend. It is so sad that someone so young should die like that. My condolences to you as I know he had become a good friend to you.
God bless and comfort you,

Could not believe such very sad news about such an inspirational young man. After following your pole to pole I felt as if I knew him personally. There is nothing to take away the pain of such a close loss, you can only take comfort from the people around you that care. Also Rob will be remembered forever as one of lifes heros and you were one of the lucky people to have been close to him.Take care.

So sad to hear the news about your friend, hope you are o.k.

Hi Mr D, I am so sorry to hear about Rob. From hearing about him from you, from following his adventures on the 180 degrees website and from meeting him when he came to school to tell us all about 180 degrees, I could tell that he was a great guy. I know that he inspired so many students at Twynham, including myself. His achievements are absolutely incredible and he will be remembered for a long time as a hero. Dani.

I was so very sad to hear of the sad news about Rob. By all accounts he was remarkable chap and you should be proud and happy about the period of time you spent with him. Cherish the memories. As they say, sadness in bereavment is the price we pay for the happiness in life we enjoyed with the departed. Rob will be in our prayers.

I can't believe it- it's awful.  I'm so sorry John.  How are you?  Know my thoughts are with you and his friends and family.  There's just no sense to such things.  Hope you are doing ok.  Take care of yourself. 

Sorry to here such tragic news.

im sorry to hear that, i'm sorry for your loss.

I heard about this but didn't make the connection - Im really sorry
John. He sounded like an excellent guy.

I am so sorry to hear this news, I took a look at the article and a couple of other online things and he sounds like an incredible person. My heart goes out to u and his family. what a tragedy. Debbie.

I'm so sorry to hear that. What a horrible thing to happen. My thoughts are with you.

I'm so so sorry you're having to go through this. I can't imagine what it feels like for you after creating such an incredible bond!! It hurts all the way out here so I really send you and all his friends and family my sympathies. The only thing that dulls the pain a bit is knowing that I met such an amazing person and that I got to share some of his incredible experiences, even if it was just from my desk sending an encouraging email. Please pass on my deep condolences to James and tell him I'm thinking about him every day. He has the same spirit Rob had so I'm sure he will only do good things to honour Rob's memory.

This is so terribly sad. An absolute tragedy. Much love and thoughts to all his friends and family.

I have been meaning to write to you as I did hear the extremely sad news about Rob on Monday.  Rob really was a total inspiration and such an incredible and special guy and I feel so lucky to have met him. 

I know how close you Rob and James and the other guys became on the trip so I am sure this is a very difficult time for you.

So sorry to hear the news.  My thoughts go out to you and his friends and family.  
Take care of yourself, and cherish your time together.

My mum told me the news and I have to say I was really devestated. I agree he was an inspriation we fell in love with both those boys when they came over to Sydney.  I hope its not too hard for you as I know how close you were to Rob.  take care my sweet.

I am truly sorry to hear about rob. he, well all of you guys, had become my peripheral heroes as i followed your trip and emails. i am thankful that through you, so many of us were able to get to know his incredible sense of adventure and purpose.
You will be in my thoughts these next few difficult months. Again, i am sorry for the loss such a presence.

I saw it on the news and could not belive it.He seens a amazing person and loved wat he was doing. It must be hard for you.

We followed the story about Rob from the minute it broke. We were both extremely sorry to hear of such tragic news. I know you will be feeling it acutely and our thoughts, of course, are for Robs family but also for the friends he made whilst living his life to the full.Take care,LoveGlenn and Karen

I saw the BBC one last night - heartbreaking!I hope that you're okay under the circumstances. I find myself thinking about what happened, and you obviously, a lot.

I couldn't believe it... I'm really sorry for the death of Rob. All my respects...

I'm so sorry John. I'd not even met the guy, but what he
did certainly was inspirational. Most of my family know about him by

i'm so sorry to hear such an amazing person have their life taken before they reach their prime. and for your loss too, i know how close you became.

I am so so sorry to hear that.I never even met him but hearing about his adventures last year really was an inspiration to me and i'm sure to many many people.
He must have lived a hundred times the experiences in his short time on earth than most people do in their whole lifetimes.

I realised as soon as I heard on the news at the W/E. I announced to all staff on Monday morning and also some students. Sophia was really upset. I know he was a very special person and a really good friend to you. When you share some of the experiences like you did,  you really get to know that person
He was truly inspirational....their talk was the highlight of last year for me. A great loss to so many people, it makes me very sad just to be writing this

We were really sorry to hear the very sad news about Rob.  However, he achieved so much in his all too short life so that must be some comfort to his friends and family.  I shall let them know in the Falklands .
Please accept our sincerest condolences.

i'm really sorry to have read the sad news on bbc re: your adventure buddy from teh trip.. so very sad & so young...
I have just read the terrible news about Rob Gauntlett dying in Chamonix sorry to hear that news.