Canada Coast to Coast bicycle ride 2009

During the summer of 2009 I cycled across Canada to raise money for the Rob Gauntlett Trust. This website was set up to record progress across the country and inspire people to make a donation to an excellent cause... I spent 47-days on the bike in all, I had 13 rest-days and I covered a total of 3,800-miles. Crossing 8 provinces and 5 time-zones, I pedalled west to east from Vancouver in British Columbia on the Pacific ocean to Halifax in Nova Scotia on the Atlantic coast. Upon arrival at journey's end, I had biked across the across one of the world's continents - North America - and across the world's second largest country. In Halifax I was in fact closer in distance to London, England than to my start-point in Vancouver! Right from the moment I first committed to the ride so many terrific events came about, beyond anything I could have imagined... The support from family and friends and even from strangers we met along the way was frankly overwhelming. We raised a decent amount of funds for the Rob Gauntlett Trust which we hope will help to keep Robbo's fantastic spirit alive and benefit young people long into the future. I hope you enjoy exploring the pictures and blog and the rest of the site, the ride was certainly an experience i'll never forget! John.

Press 'play' below to see a slide show about the ride... Also, to hear a short radio interview please click on the 'Press Articles' tab above.