Ride Day 43: Settling into a efficient routine with the new team, today we managed nearly 100-miles and crossed into the penultimate province of the journey. It’s hard to believe I have pedalled every inch of the way through British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. It’s only by taking it one day at a time, breaking the route into manageable sections and resting-up from time to time that it has been possible. We have a real sense that the finish line in Halifax is getting close; I am so, so excited about reaching journey’s end and dipping my toes in the Atlantic! Pursued once again by a much-welcome tail wind, we crossed the ‘Patapedia River’ leaving Quebec and entering New Brunswick. We crossed another time-zone here actually became an hour closer to Greenwich Meantime. Again following a picturesque Atlantic estuary (the ‘Baie des Chaleurs’) we found a delightful motel in 'New Mills' with views over the water and tucked into Bec’s fine Spaghetti Bolognaise. After a full day in the saddle and a glass or two of wine, I fell into a deep slumber. I appreciated sleeping in a real bed for a change!
Jean and Milt (B.C)
9/8/2009 01:50:08 am

Way to go John! Take time to explore Halifax...it is a fun filled city....and full of history. Take a ride on the "harbour Frog".

chris and helen (bodrum-turkey)
9/8/2009 11:23:25 pm

hello john,we have just met your mum and dad on the beach in bodrum turkey,and would like to wish you all the best...keep on cycling

9/9/2009 10:50:12 pm

Wow john, you are almost at the end. well done.

gerry dwyer
9/10/2009 04:36:50 pm

hi john greetings from itea greece. good to read your latest news. not far now,what a great feling that must be . text me when you dip your toes. see you sonn, love mum and dad. good luck with wilbert x


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