Ride Day 14: For this section of the journey, my Dad, Roger, is here from the UK driving the support vehicle we bought in Regina. We need to sell it again in Halifax... He is being a massive help driving, topping up water bottles and chatting to people we meet! We covered nealy 100 miles with a wonderful tail wind yesterday from Regina to Stoughton. The weather is much cooler (21 degrees) and I pedalled in the pouring rain for a few hours. When we stopped for lunch I got cold so i took off my wet cycling kit, changed and had a rest in the car. Due to limited biking kit I had to put the wet stuff back on again and get back out into the rain! I wrung the clothes out, put them on again (grimacing!) but soon warmed up after a few miles. In the evening we stayed in the Crossroads Inn Hotel in the Prarie town of Stoughton. I appeared very briefly on CTV local news in the morning and a few people had seen the story and knew about The Rob Gauntlett Trust and the ride... The hospitality was second-to-none and the beers and tequllas flowed (much to my regret as i set off on the bike this morning!!). A huge thank you to Christine and Ron White for their welcome and to Jessica, Collene, Layne, Kristy and Angel for their great company and kind donations to the charity. Stoughton and the evening with you will live long in the memory!

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