A new bike for the ride.
I picked up a new bike for the big ride today... It is also booked onto my flight to Vancouver! Things are starting to fall into place. 5 weeks to go!! JD

6/5/2009 05:27:51 am

John, I feel you would go faster and more streamlined with a shorter haircut! Sis xx

6/8/2009 12:50:39 am

Ha ha...I agree, your curly locks will only slow you down. Although I'm sure it would be lovely to have the wind in your hair, maybe shaving it all off would be better. Maybe you could do this to raise more money too? Hey, why stop there? I reckon go for a full body wax! Shell :)

Fiona Ribbons
7/3/2009 05:04:24 am

oh so THATS why ur hair became magically shorter...
anyhoo good luck! oh and btw, make sure u send a post card to talbot heath while ur there
lol cya mr. d, hav a great time


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