Day 2 was full of adventure... I left Hope early to avoid biking in the heat of the day, returning shortly afterwards to pick up my phone and charger, now a customary daily detour! I then cycled uphill for 4 hours in stifling heat up some monsterous hills. Unreal views though. The trailer felt really heavy! Naively, I was suprised to find that there were no services for miles but i'm learning that, unlike much of the UK, Canada has vast areas of wilderness. I ran out of water for a while, had a dip in an icey stream to cool off and was relieved to find shade and a place to eat eventually. After a 1244-meter summit i was treated to some heavy rain, soaking me to the bone! This fortunately cleared and i cruised into Merrit with a pleasing 75 miles under my belt, much in need of a shower and some sleep!

7/13/2009 01:17:45 am

Hey there, my husband Tim (Aussie guy) chatted to you briefly at your pit-stop yesterday - we just wanted to say that on our downhill drive towards Vancouver i.e. the way you'd just come and we were GOBSMACKED that you managed to get up all that. Seriously, our jaws dropped and we were like 'he came up all this? That is UNBELIEVABLE! WHAT????!?!?!' and then realised we hadn't even gone halfway. We felt tired driving DOWN it.

Anyway, you're amazing. Will look forward to tracking your progress. Keep it up!

With best wishes,
Jenny and Tim.

Simon F
7/14/2009 04:30:21 am

Well done John. Great to hear the wheels are already turning. Don't worry about the daily detours. Apparently Lance Armstrong would have been leading the Tour de France by now if he hadn't forgotten his mobile phone yesterday(he had to bike back to his hotel)! You are in good company. Sophie sends another raspberry.


Isabell from L42P
7/15/2009 04:47:06 am

hello mr dwyer this is isabell from your L4 class.
Its good to hear that you've made a great start. Sorry to hear you got drenched,but hope later on your travels will get better.^^


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