Ride Day 46: Today we crossed into the final province of the coast to coast journey, 'Nova Scotia' (which means 'New Scotland'). With 3,500 miles in the saddle done, the end felt palpably close! I have been so lucky to have company on the bike for the majority of the journey. Initially my Dad, Sharon and Debbie joined me on the spare bike and now Becs and Charlie are putting in the miles with me. Becs was less than impressed that she rode for 2-hours predominantly uphill only for Charlie to hop on the bike and, after just one long climb, cruise downhill for 30 minutes right back to sea level again! It has been great to chat to my riding companions - the aches and pains seem less bothersome and miles continue to tick by more quickly. It's now the seventh day of riding now since leaving Quebec City and my hamstrings and bum are more sore than ever... It's cumulative I suppose, whilst my resting pulse is fairly low now and i'm recovering faster from steep hill climbs, it's pretty sore to sit down for long and my muscles are permanently stiff! After nearly 100-miles we made camp near Truro in the tidal Bay of Fundy. After hot showers we ventured out to a 'Trucker's Cafe' for a hearty feed, again replacing calories with a huge pudding. Tomorrow will be the last day of the ride, it's strange to think that after nearly 4,000 miles of cycling we are just 70-miles from the completing the ride now.

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